Why you Should Buy Lingerie for Yourself and not Your Partner

Why you Should Buy Lingerie for Yourself and not Your Partner

Lingerie is one of those things where it seems like it is all about your partner. If they like red, you will buy fire red negligee, and if they like your legs, some nice stockings will be on your next shopping list. But is it all there is to it? Is the only reason you should buy nice underwear to make your partner happy, or should you maybe do it for yourself too? And if yes, why would you even buy it for yourself? What do you get from it?

Sometimes, when we wear lingerie, we might feel shy, embarrassed even,

especially if it is something different than usual, but most of the time, wearing something special will make us feel just as cool and confident as wearing something we know suits us well that belongs in the ‘ordinary’ clothes category.

Everybody likes knowing they look good, and when your partner’s jaw drops to the floor when they see you, it feels even better. But even if you are all alone, and even if you are going somewhere where your lingerie will not be seen, it is worth considering wearing it for multiple reasons.

You might be sitting in a boring office meeting, or listening to annoying customers while working in retail, but knowing that you are wearing something special underneath your suit or uniform, no matter that no one knows about it, has a big chance of making you feel better.

It might make you feel like you are hiddenly rebelling against society’s rules, you might simply like the thought of knowing you look great in whatever you are wearing, or you might feel like you are doing something brave and new.

Another thing that lingerie is great for is learning to love your body.

Unfortunately, the society and media today teach everyone that their bodies are not good enough, that the unrealistic and often unhealthy standards are something you should go for, and that nothing else is acceptable (of course, in that process, you should spend lots and lots of money on products and services that will make you look like the celebrities that the world admires).

Lingerie can be a double-edged sword in this case, because if someone does not like their body, they might not like what they see in the mirror while wearing it either, but that is exactly the situation in which they can try to see the best in themselves.

Let’s be real, no one else sees our flaws as we do. What we see as a major issue, most people will not even notice. And that is why, when you stand in front of the mirror wearing some cute sleepwear or underwear, you should look for the best. There is lots of it in you, and lingerie can only boost it and make it easier to see.

Have you ever seen an elegant bathrobe or a cute nightgown and wanted to buy it, but then thought “What is the point? It would just be a waste of money.” Well, you should not be thinking like that. Everyone needs to have things that will bring them joy in their life, and lingerie items are a perfect example. So what if it is not going to have some super practical use and it is not something you might necessarily need?

As “Parks and Recreation” would say: “Treat yo’ self!” You deserve it! You might not think you are doing anything special, but just by living, by fighting day by day in a stressful and difficult world, you earn the right to enjoy things.

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