When Men’s Underwear is a Turn-Off!

When Men’s Underwear is a Turn-Off!

So we thought it would be interesting to find out when men’s underwear is a turn-off. We turned to the forum for dating website, Plenty of Fish and below is an adaptation of their comments. We’ve deleted the usernames to respect their privacy, but the answers are hilarious!

The question posed by a lady was,

Say a guy drops his pants and he’s wearing Batman boxer’s. How hot does he have to be to get a pass on that? That, of course, is an example. Myself, I only wear standard boxers, but if I happen to start wearing superhero underwear, which I could at the drop of a hat, I’d like to gauge how acceptable it might be.”

The responses and stories poured in (we’ve left spelling mistakes for authenticity)

“Who cares what ends up on the floor? I wear tighty whiteys and have no problems.”

“Superhero shorts would be a hoot. Unless he also wears the matching shirt and cape.”

“I think it would be hilarious.. and I once bought some of the chili pepper boxers that say ‘sizzlin’ on them for a boyfriend..I think theyre funny… and it wouldnt stop the moment for me…”

“At my age and size, I’m sure it would be a turn off if I switched from boxers to speedos and that ain’t happenin’. ; – |)”

“i buy new socks and underwear every 4 or 5 months. i don’t mind a pair of jeans that have that worn in feeling but i like my underwear and socks to feel like they haven’t already had a million miles on them. and i prefer jockeys except the 1 pair of Toronto Maple leaf boxers that i own.”

But our favourite has to be this story;

“My best friend is a DJ. One night he drops pants to someone taking his picture and his boxers said “Nachos Rule” on the ass in a Beavis and Butthead font. Everybody was on the ground laughing.”

And the moral? We guess it’s different horses for different courses..!

photo credit: drama fever

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