What Does Your Underwear Colour Say About You?

What Does Your Underwear Colour Say About You?

Have you ever looked at your underwear drawer and thought “Why do I have so many things in this colour that I don’t even like that much?” Well, the truth might be that there is a hidden aspect of your personality that you only show through lingerie without even realizing it. Or, who knows, maybe you (or your partner) simply like the way you look wearing that particular colour. But aren’t you intrigued about what secrets might your underwear uncover? Read on to find out.

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White – You like simple and classic things. You might not want to complicate your life with what you deem unnecessary, and there is something pure and innocent about you that everyone who meets you notices.

Black – You know that you cannot go wrong with black, because whatever that one particular show says, for you, black is the new black, always and forever. You are powerful and seductive, passionate and determined.

Nude/Beige – You are relaxed and down-to-earth. You have a transparent personality with nothing to hide. You are practical and ready for whatever life throws at you. People like being with you because of how easy-going you are.

What does red underwear say about you?

RedRed is the colour of passion, and that is just the kind of person you are. You are emotional, dramatic and demanding attention, but you do it in such a way that you make it a part of your charm. You like to stand out and can be impulsive in your decisions.

Pink – You are romantic and feminine. People see you as cute and adorable, and that is exactly what you want. You are very romantic and always on the lookout for true love, with whom you will be able to do all the traditional romantic things you have dreamed of since being a little girl.

Purple – You like to have some luxury in your life. Purple is often considered a colour of royalty, and just like a queen, you live your life with your head held high, proud and unyielding. However, deep inside you might be an introvert, hiding your soft and vulnerable side from the world. You prefer long term relationships to one night stands.

Green/Blue/Orange/Yellow/etc – You want to be different and unique in everything, so in your underwear choices too. You do not let the life mold you into something boring, but instead have fun with every step you take. You have a great sense of humour and a drive for an adventure.

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Patterned – You are quite similar to the previous category, except you are also not afraid to show off your sillier side. You think that adulting is too serious for you and want to keep your inner child alive. If you work in an office with a dress code, it might also be your way to remind yourself that you are not just one of the drones of the big corporation, because no matter what ‘uniform’ you wear, you still know you are wearing something that you like and that makes you smile underneath.

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