What Does Dita Von Teese Wear To Bed?

What Does Dita Von Teese Wear To Bed?

Dita Von Teese wears very little to bed, according to an exclusive interview she gave to Vogue Australia. And why should you care? Because she’s one of the sexiest women in the world and Vogue believes that if there’s one person who knows how to do ‘sexy’ properly, it’s her… apparently.

Dita was visiting Sydney to promote her lingerie and sleepwear collection for Myer. Below is an excerpt from the funny but fascinating interview with the world’s most famous burlesque dancer.

On what she wears to bed:
“I like little negligees. I love to sleep in just the wisp of a slip. I love putting on a robe; I wear robes around the house all the time.”

On her one fail-safe tip for bedroom wear:
“Of course I always love black lace, I think it’s always sophisticated and elegant and looks good on everyone, it’s erotic at the same time.”

On her new collection for Myer:
“I think we have a good variety of different shapes. There’s a lot of nostalgic glamour, but the shapes are decidedly modern. I’m a big collector of vintage but I believe with this collection what I’m trying to do is take the details of those things but recreate it in wearable ways.”

On her favourite pieces from the collection:
“The loungewear collection has a lot of robes that are inspired by my vintage robe collection. A lot of my pieces are very fragile, and some of them are like 85 years old, so it’s nice to have recreations of these things down to my exact specifications. I’m very excited about showing women ways of being comfortable and glamorous at home.”

Check out the interview in full here, where you can also read Dita’s tips for choosing lingerie.  And if you have a body like Dita, that’s really not that difficult a task.

photo credit: News.com.au

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