Undercover Lingerie In Cairo Egypt

Undercover Lingerie In Cairo Egypt

CAIRO Egypt is a blushing bride when it comes to lingerie-Victoria’s Secret only appeared in 2013. But believe it or not, the Muslim country’s capital city has a well-established lingerie network of businesses. So what are their lingerie choices like?

According to World Crunch online, most of Cairo’s lingerie is imported from either Turkey or Syria and the stores are operated quietly and discreetly. The owners of two Syrian lingerie shops agreed to speak with Mada Masr World Crunch and both said, despite the current political situation in their home country, they are still able to import goods without issues.

Both stores say their market is for mainly married women which is considered to be entirely respectful in Islam.

Bahaa Makki is a well-known Turkish lingerie brand and has a store in Cairo which sells body glitter, flavoured lubricants and lip glitter. It also sells  sex toys though its selection is apparently limited Although Bahaa Makki’s selection is limited to a couple of glitter tubes and lubes under a glass counter on the second floor, it’s nevertheless an unexpected find.

One of the most popular items sold are sexy nurse and sexy firewomen outfits, according to the sales assistant in the store!

Pleather and dominatrix-style costumes are also popular, these consist of pleather breastless and crotchless bodysuits made out of thin straps and black mesh, which show off the breasts and the crotch.

                                                            Photo: Bahaa Makki

Omar Mohamed Sobhan, another Syrian lingerie shop owner, told the reporter that most of the customers collect lingerie from their stores piece by piece, so that when they get married they will have a large collection ready. Most surprisingly, he told the reporter that is is not uncommon for girls as young as 12 come into the shop with their mothers to pick out pieces, although once they reach 18 and beyond, they make most of the choices themselves, though 60% are buying lingerie for their wedding nights.

But despite what the owner says, Shaimaa, an 18-year-old sales assistant says that women as old as 60 are loyal clients and the most common age ranges from 18 up to 50s. All women — whether dressed in niqab, hijab or unveiled — will buy lingerie, but it is mainly the foreign women who most likely to buy the racier outfits, for example a bright red mesh body-suit.

Source: Under The Niqabs, A Peek Inside Cairo’s Lingerie Shops

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