Transgender Lingerie: The Best Online Stores

Transgender Lingerie: The Best Online Stores


For transgender women, buying lingerie can be an arduous and often embarrassing task. People stare, pass comment, judgement even and, unfortunately, it can be quite a traumatic experience.

Secondly, it can be a matter of size. Trans women’s bodies aren’t always of a similar size to other women’s. This can prove even more out-of-sync in early stages of transition. Non-standard bra sizes – even for fuller-figured women can be tough – imagine boobless chests into this equation.

Online retailing for most transgender women is the way forward. Online one can find quite an impressive range of lingerie for men and the privacy of shopping online can take the fear out of the experience too. For the most part, however, it seems like many lingerie companies are familiar with two types (for want of a better word) of clientele: cisgender women, including trans women who can wear standard sizes and cuts and cross-dressing men. actually has a devoted size guide to help men decide what size, style and cut would suit them best.

We recently wrote about Homme Mystere.  This company has spent a lot of money marketing their feminine-styled lingerie for men, with their tagline, ‘challenging some of our most entrenched gender stereotypes.’

But our favourite is Chrysalis, a stunning brand which came about to relieve the stress of choosing lingerie for transgender women. According to their website, Chrysalis offers lingerie which helps to resolve issues of the Transgender experience. Their lingerie is elegant and well-cut for the transgender female shape. Their website includes some beautifully shot, black and white video case studies of their clients, talking about their bodies and how they feel sexy and womanly.


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