Tommy John Readjusts Men’s Undie Woes

Tommy John Readjusts Men’s Undie Woes

Men wriggling their jiggly bits in underwear is never a good look, especially in public. It can’t be pleasant for them either. So men’s underwear brand Tommy John’s new ‘Second Skin’ pants are a blessing and its’ funny ad campaign puts the – umm – issue… into perspective.

Directed by Smuggler‘s Guy Shelmerdine, the advert plays out to the Sparks’ popular ’80s track “Angst in My Pants.” Entitled, “The Big Adjustment,” it shows a range of funny scenes in which the poor boys often find themselves in, regardless of age, race or position. A college professor at the front of the class, a paparrazi-swarmed celebrity making their readjustments public, a weather forecaster doing the sam. All struggle to get ‘comfortable’ in their undies without drawing attention to a habit most women consider  to be fairly gross to view. The scenes lead to the perfect tag for their new range: “When you’re uncomfortable, we’re all uncomfortable.”

Head of Brand at Tommy John, Josh Dean said in a press release, “When we looked at the industry, we couldn’t understand why everyone was doing the same thing. Underwear and underwear advertising hasn’t really changed since Marky Mark in 1992. As a brand, Tommy John has never been afraid of being different and we wanted to talk about the uncomfortable truths affecting men and the world around them. By creating awareness that there is a solution to this problem, this campaign tackles a taboo topic in a humorous way.”

The ad launched the ‘Second Skin’ range on the Tommy John site but will also be launched on digital media. Look out for GIFs picturing an array of ‘adjustments’ and coping methods men suffer!

photo credit: Tommy John

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