The Micro Bikini Is Here!

The Micro Bikini Is Here!

Are you happy with your body and have a good body image? Do you like to flaunt it, strut it and bare it all on the beach? Then the micro bikini is for you!

Bikinis are now one small string and triangle away from nudity, the end-point in the swimsuit revolution. Especially the sheer ones. Swimsuits have gone from the original potato sack cover-all to the two-piece bikini introduced to the world by the French engineer Louis Reard in 1946, to bikinis like the Micro which are quite obviously made for posing and attracting serious attention. So, if you’re going to wear one, be prepared: it’ll be all eyes on (all of) you.
For some women, less is more. Do you have a figure that looks like it should be walking down a catwalk, or dancing in a Hip Hop video? Or, perhaps you feel completely comfortable in your body and like the feel of the air or the water on your skin but don’t have a naturist beach in your vicinity. You might be determined to get that perfect, all over tan without going nude, if so, get online and get yourself a Micro!
The Micro bikini consists of two very small pieces – the top and the bottom. Both are made of tiny triangles of material, enough to cover the bare minimum in the name of the Law (namely nipples, your flower and bottom buds!). Both are held together by strings and not much else. Simple, barely functional, barely decent.
So, if you love drawing attention to yourself, you’ve never been called a wallflower, and you revel in the sound of snapping cameras, then you can handle wearing the Micro! Check out this video to see how the girls do it. Head high, shoulders back, bare your teeth. Grrr, go easy tiger!

photo credit: FN News 

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