The Best Lingerie Blog

The Best Lingerie Blog

The lingerie blog is usually a site written by amateur bloggers who get freebies to rave about garments which aren’t necessarily the best on the market. However, there are some out there which aim to educate and are written by women on a different mission.

The first is Invest In Your Chest.

Invest in Your Chest

This independent lingerie blog is just fab. UK based and run by a 24-year-old English Lit graduate from Bournemouth named Cheryl. She started out in 2010 after an apparently awful bra-fitting service she received in a high street store. Disheartened by the services provided to bra-wearers, which meant that sizes always differed depending on the store, she decided to start her own lingerie blog educating readers on how to buy a correctly-fitting bra, how to measure and find the best value for money lingerie on the market.

The blog also covers the usual lingerie problems we all face – plus sizes, health problems and the like and is a source of useful information and honest reviews. Cheryl wears the garments herself and takes honest photos too. We like. Thumbs up.


lingerie addict

Then there’s The Lingerie Addict (and this site is probably our favourite).

Cora Harrington loves lingerie and knows her stuff. Founded in 2008, she covers the more diverse range of lingerie – highlighting the best of the industry, no matter what size, age, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, or budget, and lovingly she calls her site a ‘Body Snark Free Zone’ and it has been since 2012. With pages for Body Image, Corsets for those who like to dress up, Ethical Lingerie, for those who care where and how their lingerie was made, Plus Size Lingerie for the majority of us ladies, Full Bust Lingerie, for those who got it going on upstairs, Lingerie Reviews to keep us up to date with the latest of the industry, Maternity Lingerie, so we can stay sexy and practical during the mothering period of our lives and Victoria’s Secret for the high end designer fashion lovers – this site has it all!

photo credits: The Lingerie Addict/ Invest In Your Chest

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