Stylist’s Lingerie Collection Stolen

Stylist’s Lingerie Collection Stolen

A lingerie stylist and collector has appealed to the public through social media for the return of her “life’s work” collection of lingerie, after it was stolen in a burglary last weekend.

Shiori Pike, the stylist and lingerie blogger, is said to be devastated after lingerie worth $100,000, was stolen from her workspace in Richmond, Australia.

Burglars broke into the workspace used by Ms Pike on Friday night, taking hundreds of lingerie garments including brands La Perla, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bordelle, Made by Niki and Lise Charmel.

According to reports in the Australian media, a security camera was covered at about 8.45pm, at which time the burglars entered her workspace. Ms Pike lives below the space which she uses professionally, using the space for photo shoots, styling and fittings and was asleep at the time.

Ms Pike said, “I woke up because there were police upstairs so I could hear banging around. I popped my head out and they said upstairs had been broken into. They only realised it because the surveillance camera had gone to black and … I think the police were called out to check. When [the police] said the upstairs had been broken into I just thought nothing will be taken because I don’t have a television or a computer upstairs … it’s only lingerie. It’s only a styling unit.Then I walked into the room and it was a mess and everything was gone. I was in absolute shock.”

Ms Pike has decided to use social media as police believe the thieves targeted her specifically for the collection to possibly sell online.

She has reached out on social media urging people to look out for lingerie being sold online that could be stolen. She had been collecting modern lingerie as a long-term project to exhibit in years to come, along with using in her photography work.

“I’ve built up an amazing collection – like a museum exhibition – because I bring in all these pieces that are very minimal production.

Ms Pike has her own lingerie brand, ‘Shiori’ and she writes a lingerie blog called ‘My Lingerie Addiction’. She has had lots of support – Burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese left a comment on her Instagram account saying she was “so sorry” to hear about the burglary.

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