Spencer Hansen: Tiger Jumpsuit

Spencer Hansen: Tiger Jumpsuit

The onesie – an outfit that began life as a baby grow and was sold to the gullible world as ‘most comfortable piece of clothing’ by the Norwegians. Thanks, Norwegians. Seriously. Since then two camps have grown – the lovers and the haters. But, despite our horror at the cow, wolf, pig novelty onesies fully grown adults feel the need to sometimes wear to the shops – or, shock horror – to work, this ‘jumpsuit’ actually pretty special. May we give you the most stylish, comfortable, and – dare we say it – sexiest onesie on the planet!

Designed by Spencer Hansen for Blamo Toys, the Tiger Adult jumpsuit has been designed for both men and women and in true onesie fashion has a bendable tail! It also has three pockets and is the perfect winter nightwear!  These onesies are handsewn, made from chunky ribbed cotton and cost a hefty £153.61 plus postage. However,  how cute do these models look in them? Of course, we’ll look the same – it’s a onesie right? All the reviews say they are comfy and stylish. And not only does he make tigers, he also does monkeys, bunnies and brown bears…


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