The sexy string from KissMe

The sexy string from KissMe

Today let’s keep it simple and take a look at sexy strings. There are so many of them on the market these days. Silky, lacey, sporty and practical. The string is the perfect lingerie accessory to be worn pretty much under anything.

Pabo, whom you’ve probably heard of, offer all kinds of lingerie via their webshop. We’re not sure if they have physical stores but by the look of their website, you can pretty much order all there is to complete your lingere collection.

This string did catch our attention. The salmon colour is very nice and you can see it look great on either light or darker skin tones.  As you can see from the string itself, you’ll need to trim, or rather completley shave off your bikini lines for this string is best suitable for the hairless or nude public area with the exception of the middle part, which leave a lot to the imagination. Or perhaps it doesn’t.

Pricewise this string is very reasonable and costs less that 10 euros. Its made from satin and eyelash lace which gives it a nice detail and the brand is KissMe which we’ll do some reseach on for a furture post.

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