It’s SALE time at La Perla (hurry)

It’s SALE time at La Perla (hurry)

We have no idea how long this will last but we do know that the Spring /Summer 2016 sale is here. La Perla is on!

We all love lingerie, don’t we? Yes, we all want to look fabulous with  the clothes we show the world to and  the clothes we show only privately.  It’s for this reason that whenever a great brand such as La Perla decides to offer a sales, that we really must jump onto it. Let’s be honest, La Perla is an exclusive brand that stands for beauty and quality but its also quite costly for the majority of budgets.

Disregarding the money side of things, we still decided to take a at the items on sale and present you with a few gems from the sale collection.

To start off with, you’ll find sale products on their lounge wear, beach wear, lingerie, nightwear and men’s (not that we’re interested in that) departments. Here goes!

La Perla - lingerie.planetfem.comGorgeous robe

We love this Clio Night Robe. It’s very La Perla and you can easily imagine just how comfortable you’d feel wearing one of these on a free weekend morning. There’s quite a big discount on it too. The price was originally £216.00 but is now reduced to £129.00. It a cute short number and we like it!
There are a few color combinations available too. You’ll be able to get this robe in black and peach as well as blue and cream.


Cool Draping Sahariana Jacket La Perla -

You know what its like when you’re at the beach in your bikini but you need to go inside to get get something or use the toilet. Well, these things happen but you also know not to walk in, in just your bikini and that a little something should be used to cover you up.

Well, this is a great jacket that does just that. It’s available in more than one style too. There’s a white blue giraffe version, but we liked this black version as well. The  price for this lovely piece is currently £381.00 reduced from £636.00 a whopping 40% discount.


La Perla - lingerie.planetfem.comLong line bra

We found this bra within the lingerie section and not only do we like it, we think its a pretty good price too. The Eva Multi-way long line bra not only looks good but also give you real support, where you need it most. Whether you’re a perky or a full loaded boob type, you’ll be able to ear this bra without any issues. The current price is £129.00 and was reduced from £216.00.

Get it on at La Perla if you want to take advantage of their spring summer 2016 sale!

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