Red Lingerie Is Right for Lunar New Year

Red Lingerie Is Right for Lunar New Year

Red lingerie is apparently a firm favourite in racy Asia for the Lunar New Year.

In the West, red is seen as the colour of danger, love and naughtiness. In Asia however, it signifies good luck, wards off the evil spirits or bad luck, bringing wealth, fortune, prosperity and most importantly, happiness.

The New Year is the most important time of the year in Asia with each year bearing its own symbolic and lucky animal and colour. 2015 is the Year of the Goat or the Sheep with the lucky colours being brown, purple and red. As Asians welcome in the Lunar New Year, children and will be given red envelopes with money inside from the married folks, mostly grandparents, but single adults will be giving and wearing red clothing, including underwear. Red is used for decorations too but it’s the clothing, especially worn in the early hours of New Year’s Day, that is important as it is thought to ward off evil and symbolises new beginnings.

Triumph, which is the biggest lingerie brand in Asia, says that sales of red underwear garments in Malaysia and Singapore are always ten times higher during the Lunar New Year. Hundreds of thousands of red underwear and lingerie are sold in Singapore alone at this time of year. And because this year’s Lunar New Year arrives tomorrow (Friday 20th February) and so close to Valentines Day, thus year brings a double reason to buy and wear red.  According to Triumph, sales in the region have gone through the roof and set a record exceeding past years.

Triumph and other lingerie makers won’t reveal their exact figures but it is estimated that at least one million garments will be sold across Asia in the coming weeks.

The BBC has reported from the region, talking to local customers and businesses about why red is so important. Check out the video here.

photo credit: BBC

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