Plus Size Models: Erika Elfwencrona

Plus Size Models: Erika Elfwencrona

Thanks to the press and public support, plus size models are becoming more mainstream, and slowly perceptions of body image are changing to better meet reality. Admittedly, while most of us don’t look like Erika Elfwencrona, she is not a skinny minny size 0, and still makes lingerie look beautiful.

Erika was born and raised in Sweden, and was spotted by a model scout as a skinny 16 year old, weighing in at a typical teenage nine stone. But we all know that, what we look like at 16, isn’t necessarily how we’re going to look as adults, and Erika realised her body was still developing and she was starting to fill out.

She says of the start of her career:

“Even though I was 5ft 9ins I was convinced I had to be thinner. My parents grew so worried about the number of times I disappeared into the bathroom to weigh myself, they took away the scales. But though I got down to my target weight of 7st 5lbs, my weight started to yo-yo. When I did eat something, I wouldn’t be able to stop. It would start with a little bread. Then I would have some more with a little piece of butter. I would end up eating half the loaf. When my agency called me in and suggested I take a break, it was a relief. I took a step back from fashion and went back to college to study. I ate normally and my body became the shape it was meant to be – 11 stone. Two years later, I went back to my agency, happier and healthier than ever. They were wowed by my appearance – and this time took me on as a plus-size model.

Erika’s career has since taken off and she was chosen as the star of a Simply Yours lingerie TV commercial as well as modelling for Italian Vogue, the successful and respected plus-size designer Anna Scholz, home favourites, Littlewoods and international lingerie brand Bravissimo.

We look forward to seeing plenty more of Erika in our magazines and on our screens, but in the meantime, you can check out an interview with Erika below.

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