Plus Size Bras: Plea To Victoria’s Secret

Plus Size Bras: Plea To Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has come under fire once again; this time it’s for not offering plus-size bras and underwear in their collections.

Two petitions have been started, calling for the global lingerie brand to offer larger sizes. Currently its biggest size is XL.

The first petition, ‘Victoria’s Secret: Add Plus Sizes to Your Product Lines‘, was apparently started by Dana Drew from California. She wrote:

“I love Victoria’s Secret so much that I even have their credit card. My money and my credit are good enough for them, but the fact that I can only buy items like perfume, lotion, and body spray sends the message that my body is not. Every year I watch the Angel fashion show and would love to purchase the items I see on my screen but can’t because Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell plus sizes.”

A second petition entitled, ‘”A Body for Every Body”… Prove you mean it, Victoria’s Secret!’ was started by Brittany Cordts who claims that by not stocking plus sizes, Victoria’s Secret are ‘sending a message to the world that you have to be a [size 4 to 6] to be beautiful and worthy of wearing lingerie.’ Brittany wants ‘curvier, more realistic models’ to be used to advertise its garments and walk the runway shows the brand is famous for.

In November Victoria’s Secret was forced to change its advertising campaign by a petition and mounting public outrage against its ‘The Perfect Body’ adverts which pictured a row of superskinny models, all with the same, and some felt – unobtainable-  body shape.

Following pressure, the company changed the slogan to ‘ A body for every body,’ though it retained the offending photo as the models were wearing its ‘Body bra range.

The company kept the image, but after more than 26,000 people signed the petition, changed the slogan to: “A body for every body”, referring to its ‘Body’ bra range.

So fat, around 3,500 people have signed the two new petitions worldwide.

photo credit: Stylelist

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