Plus Size Bra Problems

Plus Size Bra Problems

Plus size bra wearers can sometimes suffer from problems smaller busted women may not. For example underboob sweat.

Lindsay Averill writes about this problem with wit and solutions on her lingerie blog, Bustle. She describes with humour how ‘Big boobs come with big problems — expensive bras, back pain, pulled buttons, a need for multiple sports bras and boob sweat.’ She goes on to describe what this actually is, and why it occurs.

When the body heats up, it sweats. We all know this, we all suffer from this unfortunate body function (or malfunction, I mean, why?). Plus size bra wearers have that bit extra and a such, it can be even more embarrassing for them, especially in the gym. As Averill perfectly describes it, ” those damp cheshire cat smiles highlighting your breasts.”

On top of that, for those with sensitive skin, with sweat comes smells, rashes and the itch. For plus size bra-wearers, the material rubs and traps moisture, which allows bacteria to breed and rashes to appear with their co-worker, the dreaded itch, sent to drive you mad. All of this in the gym when you’re trying to maintain decorum in an already undignified scenario? No wonder we hate going to the gym!

But what is really great about the blog is her review of the common solutions, talcum powder, deodorant, inserts and special boob deodorant(!). She was honest that most of these work fairly well, but had their down sides too, which didn’t make them 100% effective. Her final solution was also the one she swears by (whether she’s being paid in Argan Oil, we’ll never know but her blog seemed pretty honest): Argan Oil. Why? She’s not sure but when she first tried it, she was at her wit’s end with the itching and soreness.Argan oil is antibacterial and I think this is why it must work so well. She used a couple of drops of oil in her cleavage and underneath her boobs and the rashes, smell and even the rings disappeared. Sounds like it’s worth a trial. Check out my article here about why Argan Oil is so amazing in so many ways.


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