Nubra – A Seamless Wonder!

Nubra – A Seamless Wonder!

Ladies, ever wondered how those female celebs manage to wear such revealing outfits without bra straps getting in the way? Check out Nubra.

So, we all know how annoying bra straps can be, poking out, digging in, ruining a beautiful silhouette. Problem is not wearing a bra can be even worse; especially as we get older and the sag sets in! Then, the only answer is surgery or an inner strength which stops you from caring. But we’ve found a bra which is quite possibly the answer to all our prayers – the Nubra.

NuBra is a strapless, backless adhesive bra made from medical-grade, self-adhesive silicone or fabric bra cups. The design is perfect for backless, strapless, halter, or sheer outfits, because the cups stick to your breasts, giving you cleavage control, at the same time enhancing what you have with a specially-designed centre clasp which works so well, Nubra patented it so nobody else could copy the design!

Celebrities love it apparently and it’s widely available the world over, according to their website. Its’ backless bras are fascinating, like wearing a huge silicone plaster over your boobs which actually does pull them up and in!

Available in nude from size A to D cup. Made from contoured silicone gel for a more natural fit. It has built-in underwire for extra shaping and support. And the brand has recently added an extra collection of stylish and chic seamless NuBra combo wing bras in nude, leopard, black and many bright colours. Check out the complete Aphrodite exquisite collection.

3D NuBra

Featherlite is Nubra’s most basic design. $32 Lightweight and versatile fabric cups – perfect for wearing day-to-day with any outfit.


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