Nordic Nightwear with KappAhl

Nordic Nightwear with KappAhl

Ok, so KappAhl isn’t a lingerie brand itself but more a fashion company in general. KappAhl do however have nightwear and this is what caught our eye.

You don’t have to be a specific lingerie brand in order to provide your customers with lingerie. In fact, if you’re in fashion retail and your target audience is women, then a good addition to the collection would be to provide them with lingerie. Female lingerie lovers are growing more and more and once a woman is introduced to lingerie, she’ll pretty much love it forever.

KappAhl are Nordic, as they say they are. I’ve always found this a little bit vague as it doesn’t tell me whether they are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Islanders – perhaps the company consists of owners from all of these countries which would explain a lot I suppose. But lets leave it at that for now. KappAhl (don’t ask us how to pronounce the name BTW) reminds me of a kind of Scandinavian GAP in terms of presentation and design, colours and website and so I wasn’t expecting to see any lingerie at all.

Whilst browsing through their nightwear section I saw the standard pieces of simple and practical nightwear items; slips, pyjama’s, bodies, nightgown, etc. And then I looked a little bit further and in particular at their press site and say they had a very nice piece of lingerie hidden away. Why would they do this? I mean, hide it, when its actually a really nice piece. As in the photo, you’ll see that it looks comfortable but also softly sexy. It doesn’t go over the top in any way and yet its still inviting.

The surprise didn’t stop there however, it just got better… more about that soon!

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