Modcloth Say: ‘Feel Confident In Your Swimwear!’

Modcloth Say: ‘Feel Confident In Your Swimwear!’

Some of us prepare for months before a week long beach break, photos are heavily staged, positioned and photoshopped before they hit social media, and why? All because we were not born with bodies like the Victoria’s Secret model‘s make us wish we had.

And why do we feel ashamed of our bodies? Despite the fight back with the promotion of plus size models, and the focus on good body image and representation that is fashionable right now, we are still made to feel inferior thanks to the unrealistic expectations of what the perfect body should look like, as promoted by the fashion and media worlds. Hollywood has a lot to answer for, too. Between Easter and summer, the magazines and supplements will be filled with articles on how to get the perfect beach body, how to reduce this, buff that and obsess over how to make sure others perceive your body as close as possible to the accepted body image ideal; size 10 or below, wrinkle and cellulite-free and pre-baby shaped, even if you are post-baby/ies.

Then the online retailer, ModCloth commissioned this awesome campaign to show women we are ok as we are and that actually, our bodies are ALWAYS swimsuit-ready.

The ModCloth models in this campaign aren’t 6ft lingerie models, nor are they even those just as gorgeous plus-size models Instead the company has used its team. The photos include the company’s co-founder and some of its employees—and not a hint of Photoshopping in sight. A rare thing in modelling, let alone in the fashion world. And why did Modcloth decide to bare all? Because back in 2014, ModCloth became the first ever retailer to sign the Truth in Advertising pledge, which asks companies who advertise using people to avoid digitally enhancing or changing their media images.

Modcloth rock and their clothes do too. Check them out here. 

photo credit: Modcloth

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