Lovehoney Is A ‘Frisky Business!’

Lovehoney Is A ‘Frisky Business!’

A documentary series about the UK’s favourite online sex toy store is now available to watch on Netflix. 

Lovehoney, which claims to sell one in three of every sex toy bought online in the UK, is the focus of the six-part series called Frisky Business, originally aired on the Sky channel, Lifetime back in March.

The staff and daily life behind-the-scenes at the Lovehoney headquarters in Bath were filmed for four months in 2014. The show looks at the different departments from customer care to returns and captures Lovehoney’s success at the 2013 Bath Business Awards when the company won the Customer Service Award and Best Business Website.

Lovehoney was launched 12 years ago by former journalist Richard Longhurst and former DJ and record producer Neal Slateford. The pair now employ 130 members of staff and send out more than 20,000 orders per week to customers across Britain.

Back in 2012 it the subject of another funny documentary also on Netflix, the Channel Four series More Sex Please We’re British.

Mr Longhurst said,“It’s a really fun thing to be involved with and a bit unusual. It’s also really good for the Lovehoney profile. From the outside looking in people assume we all swing from chandeliers naked. What comes across is that we are a genuine, warm, fun and happy place to work. It’s an interesting place to work with an unusual product area.”

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