Lingerie Styling By The Experts

Lingerie Styling By The Experts

Did you know that 70% of women wear the wrong size and style of lingerie for their bodies? Now, a lingerie manufacturer has created Lingerie Styling, a quality label to guide specialist shops in their quest to help women get it right.

Manufacturer Van de Velde developed Lingerie Styling for specialist shops. It focuses on guiding stores in giving a personal service and the right professional advice necessary in order to purchase your lingerie. Only selected specialist shops with specially trained Lingerie Styling experts carry the quality label.

Lingerie Styling aims to give advice on all aspects of lingerie wear.

Large or small breasts? Wide or narrow shoulders? Long legs? Short Legs? Broad-waisted or slim-waisted? Voluptuous curves? Every figure is different and this is where the Lingerie Styling experts step in. They will help you look for the underwear set that gives your self-confidence a real boost and will help you to find your truest, most flattering figure.

The experts aim to ensure your lingerie fits perfectly while being comfortable and fashionable, which means no straps cutting into you, or sagging or cutting cups. As they say, only then can your bosom come into its own right!

photo credit: Lingerie Styling

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