Lingerie Models: Alex Minsky

Lingerie Models: Alex Minsky

Our final profile from the inspirational lingerie models series is of a young male marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan and went on to become a successful underwear model as a result.

Alex Minsky is now a successful underwear model and recognised all over the world, but just six years ago, at the tender age of 20, Alex’s truck drove over a roadside bomb and was blown up. He fell into a 47-day coma, suffered terrible and severe burns and brain damage and had to have his right leg amputated as a result. Following the ordeal,  he was forced to retire from his beloved Marines and fell into depression, turning to the bottle. He says of the time,

“I did not want to be present, so I would drink a lot. I stopped drinking, and that was a complete game changer for me, because the day I stopped drinking was the day I started modelling. None of this is my doing. I’m not in the results business. I just put in the work, show up when I’m supposed to show up, and leave the results to somebody else — a power greater than me.”

Just after Alex made the decision to quit drinking, he was approached by a photographer whilst working out at his gym. The man asked him whether he would pose for photos and within months, Alex was ‘breaking the web’ in sexy underwear shots showing off not only his numerous tattoos but also his prosthetic leg which he has named ‘Clark’.

Alex was then chosen to model for The Underwear Expert , Jack Adams and Rock Bottom. You can check out more of this brave and successful young man, in the video below where he talks candidly about his experience and how his life has changed since he was spotted and turned into a world famous underwear model, despite his disability.


photo credit: Ink Freakz

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