Lingerie: Why men love it!

Lingerie: Why men love it!

There is so much you can do to feel sexy in lingerie. You can buy pretty much every piece; bra’s, stockings, panties or bustiers in various designs. You can mix and match them or go for a classic set. In this article we talk  briefly about what a lingerie can do for your relationship and why men adore you in it.

Some say that men have an obsession with lingerie. Its not surprising either, lingerie on a women is sensual and seductive but not only that, it looks great, arouses and leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Pretty much every man on earth loves to see their partner is lingerie and every woman loves to feel adored it in – a match made in heaven!

When men see their partner in lingerie, they actually have the feeling that she has bought it especially for him. This may or may not be the case, but just the notion that she has made an effort to look so beautiful gives the man thrills. Wearing lingerie defines a distinct difference in his woman. In lingerie his partner is not just his wife or girlfriend but once again his lover.

Wearing lingerie adds spice to the relationship which is why you should think about donning it every once in a while rather than all the time. It creates that extra dimension to the relationship and gives you both the chance to get out of the day to day run of life bringing in special moments which you can share together and the chance to remember the period of ‘being in love’ as well a loving each other.

Can lingerie save your marriage or relationship? Well, we can’t be 100% sure of that, but making any effort to add spice to your love life always makes your bond stronger!

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