Lingerie in 2016

Lingerie in 2016

We’re into the third week of 2016 already and so high time to look at the lingerie trends for the coming year.

Transparant lingerie is in!
Transparant! What? Yep, you heard it right. The trend is indeed, less is more. This year, we’ll be seeing bras with lace cups but without any filling. Totally naked? No, but certainly transparent and that means sexy. Bra’s without push-up form were already hitting the market simply because the natural breast form is best and looks the most natural.

Sporty daily lingerie
The sports bra is nothing new. If you have a large bra cup then you’ll likely to have worn your sports bra for more occasions than just a visit to the gym. According to trend watchers, bras are going to become more and more sporty meaning comfortable and more practical. Just make sure you choose a bra that offers the comfort of a sports bra but still retains its sex appeal.

Colorful staysScarlet bra -
On the catwalks we’ve seen the big brands boasting their colorful lingerie styles. Monotones are out and we can say goodbye to these styles for ever. A bit of color is good though. It brightens up our day and gives us a reason to smile under our daily clothes. You can expect pretty much everything this year in terms of color, from fuscia to green and everything in between!



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