Laurence Launches Lingerie Line

Laurence Launches Lingerie Line

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen famed for his hit nineties design show, ‘Changing Rooms’, is set to launch a lingerie range in… China.

The flamboyant interior designer is trying to revive his flagging career by swapping upholstery for lingerie though he intends to kitsch it up more than ever before.

Apparently, Laurence decided to transfer his design skills and obvious eye for style to underwear when he was asked to design a collection for the Chinese market during his new TV show, Cracking China. The brand, The House of Laurence will be launched on the show, in China first.

According to Laurence, ‘designing knickers isn’t that different to designing cushions,’ though, ‘the problem with designing for Chinese ladies is that you aren’t working with a lot, size-wise,’ ‘You can’t fit much more than a butterfly on there.’ Hmm. A chauvinist generalisation there, Laurence or merely an astute observation based on your design experience? 

But don’t worry ladies of the UK, he hasn’t forgotten us! Laurence intends on bringing his fabulous brand to the UK market soon. ‘My wife has set me the challenge of recreating the entire Sistine Chapel on a pair of knickers,’ he reveals.

Changing Rooms made Laurence a household name but it’s been over ten years since he last graced our screens. He now designs cushions and picture frames for Littlewoods and wants to turn his design business into a household power brand. Laurence sees a glimmer of hope in the world’s emerging markets and the BBC2 show (Mondays, 9 pm) will follow him on trips to China and Mexico as he tries to launch his business internationally. 

We really do wish him luck. If anything this new brand will certainly add a touch of Brit Glam to the world! Planetfem can’t wait!

photo credit: Daily Mail
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