Jourdan Dunn Labels Victoria’s Secret ‘BS’

Jourdan Dunn Labels Victoria’s Secret ‘BS’

Victoria’s Secrets decline has been no… err secret in the past year, but now London supermodel and all-time favourite Victoria’s Angel, Jourdan Dunn has labelled the brand ‘BS’ on social media. Is this a sure sign of the mega- label’s decline? 

Jourdan has walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show runway for the past three years, but this year has decided not to go ahead with it. The reasons behind her decision are still unknown, however on Twitter, she wrote she was glad to be no longer involved with the lingerie giant. That tweet, however, was quickly deleted. The tweet, which was put online yesterday said:

“Feeling so much better about not doing BS…sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn’t doing it also,” it has been reported she said.

Apparently the draw of the glitzy fashion show which is broadcast to multi-millions of people all around the world has been shunned by a whole host of models and stars including Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes. It has been reported in the press that both left the brand due to financial disagreements as contracts once reportedly in the millions have shrunk to a paltry six figures. Could this be the end of the mega brand which has been targeted by advocates of the ‘real women’ campaigns which has taken the fashion world in its sights in order to diversify how the media and fashion portrays women in the modern age.

Perhaps Londoner Jourdan no longer wants to be seen as ‘perfect’ or part of the possibly outdated ‘skinny-supermodel’ crew.

photo credit: Designer Central

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