Johanna Londinium To Walk London Fashion Week

Johanna Londinium To Walk London Fashion Week

With more fashion brands than recognising and embracing diversity in all its forms, transgender models are finally getting their moment to shine. New York Fashion Week takes place from 10- 17 September and apparently Caitlyn Jenner will be walking for Givenchy. London follows closely after from 18 – 22 September and we have our very own transgender model taking to the stage – Brit, Johanna Londinium.

This year, Johanna will take the lead in the LFW F.U.S.E event at the Montcalm Hotel Ballroom, following on from her stunning, award-winning – editorials for Harper Bazaar China and Candy magazines.

Johanna is fairly new to modelling though old hat at glamour and performance; she is a trained makeup artist and worked a performance artist prior to transitioning to straight-up modelling. Johanna spoke to HuffPost UK Style this week about her upcoming catwalk showcase and her career so far. She said,

“I would love to be able to represent at a higher level and to a bigger, more mainstream audience. The only way people can be educated in a positive way is if they are exposed to people like myself in their everyday lives.”


“People across all walks of life look at and follow fashion and trends. And if they can identify with the models used it can only be a good thing.

“We’re all educated by exposure, so if the industry uses a diverse range of models then people will be exposed to other types of people they may otherwise not be.”

Before her transition Johanna admitted her transition was certainly no walk in the park. She suffered from alienation and depression. she said that growing up in a small east Anglian town meant she was regularly discriminated against, though she now feels accepted by the fashion industry. Apparently true diversity is on its way – Johanna says she has even been booked for work as a female model, without any reference being made to her transition.

The F.U.S.E. spring/summer 16 show will be taking place during London Fashion Week at the Montcalm Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on Sunday 20 September.

photo credit: Kalt Blut Mag

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