I Am Size Sexy, Ashley Graham Style!

I Am Size Sexy, Ashley Graham Style!

Planetfem favourite, Ashley Graham has launched another  lingerie line with Addition Elle. And wow, if it makes the wearer feel as sexy as Ashley looks modelling it, then it’s worth every penny.

The label is entitled, ‘I Am Size Sexy’ and Ashley is the star (who else!) of the accompanying advert which showcases several garments from the sultry AW2015 collection, makes no bones about how she feels in her own skin and her own lingerie collection.


Ashley shared her advert with her 703,000 followers on Instagram this week and for those of you who don’t follow her on the social media favourite, you can view it below.

She captioned the advert, “The holiday lingerie collection you have been waiting for is finally available!! #blackorchid by #ashleygraham for @additionelle #iamsizesexy.” So far, everyone has loved it, loved her and been mightily impressed with the collection and her work to promote size diversity in lingerie modelling.

One person wrote: “Looking fabulous!”

While another added: “You’re an inspiration. God bless you.”

Check out the range below which can be bought from Ashley Grahams Collections online, and Addition Elle and of course, all available stockists. Gwarn Ashley. We feel sexier already!


photo credit: Ashley Graham

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