How to protect and save your underwear from your period

How to protect and save your underwear from your period

Through the history, women were often portrayed as sensitive and weak, ready to faint at even the slightest sight of something disturbing, such as blood. That is quite ironic, considering that women literally bleed for several days every month for the better part of their lives.

It must have been so annoying to have to pretend to be a wilting flower that faints at a sight of a few drops of blood, just to make men feel more secure in their roles of strong and powerful protectors… but let’s not get into that, because it is a completely different topic from the one we are going to be talking about now. And that is, with all that blood (and discharge too, which is mostly perfectly healthy and normal), how to save your underwear from being ruined. The first way is to try to prevent the problem.

Pantyliners to the rescue

If you have discharge often, pantyliners are a good idea. But be warned, even if you choose the softest possible ones, they might start chafing after a while, so make sure to also have some random underwear that you are not worried about getting ruined that you can wear without pantyliners so your private parts can take a rest. And when it comes to period, if you use pads, on the days when you have a heavy flow, consider using multiple pads at once. It might seem weird in the beginning, but making a ‘longer’ pad out of two ordinary ones lined up might make a big difference.

Many women also have special underwear just for their period. It has already been stained, so it is not the end of the world if it happens again. And that is a great idea, no doubt about it. But there are lots of women who keep thinking things like “What if I get hit by a car and the doctors see my underwear is terrible?” Not that the doctors will care, they just want to help you, but that worry makes the option of period panties not viable for everyone.

Good old cold water!

So, when your underwear gets leaked on, what are the best things you can do? Cold water! Cold water is an extremely simple and extremely effective method for blood stains. You can run your undies under the cold water, or leave them to soak in a plastic tub, but it is guaranteed to get out most, if not all, of the blood, especially if you get the stain while it’s still fresh.

Another way to remove the stains is to mix aspirin or some baking soda with some water into a grainy paste and put it on the stain. After you leave it for a couple of hours, it should achieve the desired effect. If you are dealing with lighter coloured underwear that you are not worried will lose its colour, you can also use lemon juice on the stain. It should also be left to work for at least half an hour.

Here is a trick to protect the rest of your clothing, or, if you sleep in your underwear, maybe even your bed sheets. On the days when the flow is heavy, wear a pair of tight boxer shorts over your ordinary underwear. Even if you leak, that additional layer will almost definitely protect your outer garments.

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