How to choose the right lingerie for your body

How to choose the right lingerie for your body

How to choose the right lingerie for your body: Everyone wants to look fabulous, don’t they? Of course they do. Looking great isn’t age related either. Your ability to look good can be used for all kids of situations including job interviews, finding a partner and most importantly, just for yourself. In this article, we’re focusing on the latter. Looking good for yourself. We’re going to be providing specific lingerie tips on how to do this, so, read on!

How to choose the right lingerieChoose the right lingerie for your body

There are a lot of wonderful lingerie styles out there but when making lingerie choices, try to focus on the style that is right for your body. Sometimes comfortable lingerie may be more appropriate for you in comparison to another style. The point is that the lingerie choice you make needs to be right for you completely. If you choose lingerie that doesn’t sit well, then you’ll feel uncomfortable on the inside and out.

We all want to look sexy and lingerie is by definition exactly that. Lace, satin and silk are popular lingerie materials. They are soft on our skin and soft to touch. On top of this, they make us feel incredibly attractive and our partners will love us for it.

You can always add a combination of comfortable and sexy lingerie items to our wardrobe. We don’t have to choose for one specific style. We can mix and match whenever we want.

Variety is the spice of life

Invest in different types of lingerie to keep your wardrobe interesting. Lingerie comes in all forms, from pajama lingerie to baby dolls or underwear. Even when you want to be comfortable, you can still choose for a lingerie style that works for you and your mood at that moment. There are some forms of lingerie that you can wear as part of an outfit to work or to a party. Just make sure you appear the way you want to appear and dress it down by wearing a smart jacket on top.

Accentuate your favourite body parts How to choose the right lingerie

We all  have different bodies. Our shapes and curves are found in a variety of places too. Thankfully there are lingerie items that are suited to each body type. If you’re full busted, you might want to find a lingerie piece that gives your boobs a great look. Perhaps you have a nicer derriere with beautiful round curves, or maybe the curve of your thigh is your favourite part? Whatever it may be, take a good look at your own body and boost what you naturally have. Find pieces that let those part of your body really shine.

A garter belt is wonderful if you have large boobs and wide hips. People with a hourglass type body where the hips are as wide as the shoulder part are best suited in garter belts. If you have a rectangle shaped body then a two piece lingerie set might be best for you. If you have a apple or round body shape then baby dolls are suited to your body type.

Which colour is your colour?

Yes, colours play a huge rol in our fashion and lingerie choices. You should therefore choose a colour that suits your skin type and the mood you have. Red is a vibrant and strong colour, so if this is how you feel then you should go for this. Maybe you’re a cooler type. In this case cobalt blue or navy blue might be a better choice for you. But what about the more subtle colours like purple, cream or orange. There are lingerie sets that also come in these colours so don’t restrict yourself to the traditional black and white we often see. Be adventurous when times call for it.

Lingerie style are constantly changing. You don’t have to follow the trends but you can allow yourself to be inspired by them.


We all have a budget and it’s important to stick to those budgets when funds are low. Basic lingerie can be brought from most stores whilst for more exclusive lingerie, we may have to visit the lingerie specialist. Its perfectly fine to treat yourself to lingerie. Lingerie is nice to receive as a gift but even nicer to buy for yourself. Many women often forget to treat themselves to clothing that only they can see. This is such an important part of our own self-confidence. When you know you have a lovely piece of lingerie under your regular clothes, you feel extra special and this boosts your confidence.

There are lots of lingerie shops around and on the internet. Styles vary per country so don’t just look at the local stores. Go online and take a look at lingerie available from other countries as well.

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