Dressmann Addresses Male Diversity in Fashion

Dressmann Addresses Male Diversity in Fashion

Women aren’t the only sex crying out for proper representation in the lingerie industry. Dressmann, a European clothing company as realised that there is no such thing as the perfect man. So, no longer will it be marketing “just for the perfect man”. Instead, it has pledged to focus on ‘all types of body shapes’. Hurrah!

Following a study it ran in Norway which spoke to 2,068 men, it found that one-third of Norwegian and Swedish guys have negative feelings about their body. Not. on. TNS Sifo conducted  the study with Dressmann over the summer and shared with HuffPost. The survey also showed more men are worried about their physical appearance than their financial circumstances or social life. Apparently the majority lay the blame for this negative trend surprisingly towards advertising, rather than Hollywood.

Based in Norway, the company has started a campaign called #JustTheWayYouAre which aims to highlight the beauty to be found in all types of different body types. With its latest campaign, the brand wants to “broaden the picture of what a perfect body can look like.”

“We want to overcome limiting beliefs that some bodies are better, more beautiful or more normal than others,” Knut Vidar Nilsen, marketing director at Dressmann, said in a press release. “Simply, we want to show that there is no perfect man, there are only perfect men.”

Its latest advert, “Underwear for perfect men”, for its ‘manunderwear’,  features a wonderful array of  beautiful men with a diverse range of body shapes, age, size and features.

“It’s about being confident in who you are, not what the fashion industry tells us is the perfect man,” Jens Bonesmo, Dressmann’s brand director, told The Huffington Post.

Right up Planetfem’s street! Diversity at its best. Check it out below.

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