Dolci Follie Say Tampons Aren’t Luxurious (Like Their Knickers)

Dolci Follie Say Tampons Aren’t Luxurious (Like Their Knickers)

An independent luxury lingerie retailer has got behind the growing campaign to axe the national tax on tampons.

Dolci Follie is giving away a free box of tampons with every set of luxury lingerie purchased throughout November in a bid to highlight the difference between luxury – their lingerie, and necessity – tampons.

The UK Government taxes all sanitary products, including towels and tampons on the grounds they are luxurious, or, “non-essential” items, but a growing number of supporters have signed a petition started by to have the tax removed.  So far, it has attracted an impressive 270,000 signatures from people, men and women, who realise that without tampons for monthly menstruation, women would be in serious trouble. And men certainly wouldn’t appreciate it either.

Dolci Follie said of their giveaway support for the campaign: “As experts on everything that is luxury, we think it’s unfair and ridiculous to tax tampons as a luxury item. That’s why we’re supporting the campaign to axe the tampon tax.”

Dolci Follie has welcomed customers to pick up their free tampons in store until 30th November. If you haven’t yet signed the petition and you would like to put your name to it in support of the removal of such an obviously unfair tax, follow this link. Stop Taxing Periods. Period

photo: Dolci Follie

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