For all you David Gandy lovers out there…

For all you David Gandy lovers out there…

British model David Gandy, will launch his own underwear range in collaboration with Marks & Spencer on 18th September.

Not content with simply designing it, Gandy also models The Capsule Collection, David Gandy for Autograph, which is part of the retail chain’s premium collection. The range comprises 28 items including briefs, boxers and sleepwear.

As part of the marketing campaign, Gandy delights his fans in action, rolling around on a black-sheeted bed, tempting us with those…eyes (ahem) to buy the range. I’ll be honest, I’ve watched the video three times (in the name of research, obviously) and I still couldn’t tell you what the range looks like.

You can watch the video at the bottom of the page. But easy boys and girls, don’t scroll down just yet!

david gandy underwear

David told Vogue magazine in 15th June online issue; “I’ve wanted to collaborate to start my own line for a long time, but I wanted to work with a British brand. I’ve been more and more involved over the last couple of years in the creative and styling of my Marks & Spencer campaigns and they proposed the idea of collaborating with them on an underwear, sleepwear and loungewear line. Being British and underwear experts, it was a great place to start and to learn about the design process.”

But will David be -shock horror- disappearing from modelling altogether now that he has branched out into designing? Well, fans will be pleased to hear that David says he still enjoys modelling and it will always be at the heart of whatever he does. Phew.  He is also currently the face for the M&S Collection Menswear label, so will be all over the stores right now.

David will be hoping his range is just as successful as M&S women’s lingerie model Rosie Huntington-Whitley, who also created her own range, Rosie for Autograph, which became the fastest-selling underwear range in M&S history.

David has his own website,, where you can keep up with his latest campaigns and work through photos, interviews and videos. In the meantime, let’s wish our Essex boy luck with the launch on 18th September. You can buy the range in M&S stores worldwide and online. And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… it’s not for the weak-minded, or faint-hearted…

PS. Where are you getting lunch today? I’ve heard M&S sandwiches are really quite good…

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