Chinese Unveil Golden Bra At Fashion Show

Chinese Unveil Golden Bra At Fashion Show

A solid golden bra would probably be the most uncomfortable underwear ever, right? Well, apparently the Chinese don’t agree! A Chinese department store unveiled its luxury lingerie range at the weekend which included a solid golden bra and knickers.

Some of the models hid behind masks during the 'golden lingerie show' in Pingliang city, Gansu Province

A lingerie store in Pingliang City showcased what is one of the most expensive range ever. The range includes a bra weighing 700 grams and costing an eye-watering3 million yuan, the equivalent of £310,000. Models were draped in the underwear and asked to walk about the shopping centre at the weekend as part of the ‘Golden Lingerie Show’.

The Chinese online newspaper, The People’s Daily Online reported the action. It revealed that the shopping centre was kitted out with a red carpet for the show inside a jewellery store.

One of the models wore a pure gold handcrafted bra with flowing gold chains spilling from a gold necklace and matching gold chainmail knickers. Others showcased jewelled gowns and a wedding dress.

It seems the Chinese love a bit of heavy gold – be it lingerie, jewellery or clothing. In August this year, in celebration of the Chinese Valentine’s Day,  a jewellery store in Liaoning, north east China unveiled a lingerie set which cost a staggering 4 million yuan (£400,000). While up in central China, in the city of Xi’an, real gold shirts for men were showcased at a fashion show earlier this year.

photo credit: The People’s Daily online

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