Check Out Primark SS15 Swimwear!

Check Out Primark SS15 Swimwear!

As the clocks went forward this morning, it is now officially Spring though if the weather this weekend is anything to go by, we’re running a few months behind schedule. Not Primark though. This brand is ON POINT with their latest collection – you’ll warm up just looking at it!

But listen up and feast your eyes on this – it’s just the tonic you need to warm you up and get those summer vibes flowing faster than you can say cocktail. For, Primark’s SS15 Swimwear range is in, and if you’re anything like us, you’re going to appreciate all of it!

Primark’s SS15 Swimwear collection is all about the beach, baby! Be prepared for a maxing-out attempt on that card. Which’ll be as hard as ever, because Primark’s prices are ridiculously reasonable!


Bold, colourful, ‘I have arrived and the beach, where is my sun lounger?’ bikinis, retro one-pieces, hats, glasses, and the eponymous Primark polka dots which drop like to name just a few. It’s a one-stop- shop for everything you need for your hols, as usual! We never shop anywhere else, half an hour and £50 in Primark gets you a suitcase full of cool, sassy on point beachwear your friends and the boys and the girls will be cooing over!

Check out these cutesy fruity prints with high-waisted briefs that suit every type of figure, eighties tie-dye with tassels and pom-pom shorts for those skater/acid babes who were or were not there the first time around (we were, trust us – this stuff is authentic!).

Primark swimwear ss15

But their piece de resistance is above. Just have a look at Primark’s prism-panelled swimsuit. This number is £13!

You’ll rock it by the pool in this number and all eyes will be on you this summer. Imagine the glasses-twitchers as you walk by.

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