Can Vegans Eat Edible Underwear?

Can Vegans Eat Edible Underwear?

Edible underwear chow-down is a pleasure that Vegans now don’t have to miss out on … thanks to Early 2 Bed, they definitely can join in the after-hours fun!

Of all the questions vegans get asked, this is the funniest! So, Planetfem had to investigate and found this fab company based in Chicago which offers a variety of edible body treats, many vegan and even vegan edible underwear! Think candy bras and knickers! And those are not the only vegan treats they sell!

Vegan condoms which are also fair-trade and flavoured and Glyde Condoms are cruelty-free… in fact, they are the first condoms to be certified by PETA and The Vegan Society. But that’s not all! They are also made from fair-trade rubber — sourced from owner-operated plantations in Malaysia that pay their workers a living wage. And they’re thin and durable to boot!

And then there’s Blowpaste (the name says it all – apparently the testers really liked it!) Made from baking soda, peppermint, and wintergreen oils it cleans your teeth and freshens your breath!


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