When bra met technology…

When bra met technology…

Ladies, do you use the heart rate monitor at the gym as part of your training regime? How annoying are those clip on wires or the need to hold on to the handles to pick up your pulse?

Well, an Italian technology company felt the same and has created the ultimate sports bra.

Fitness tech company Sensoria has designed the Sensoria Fitness Sports Bra ($79). The design means you can snap any supported BLE heart rate monitor onto the front of it on the breastbone  and it will monitor your heart rate. It has electrodes sewn into the bra which then detect your heart rate and feed it back to the heart rate monitor.

The Sensoria Fitness Bra is made of 48 percent polyamide/nylon, 47 percent polypropylene, and 5 percent elastomer/Spandex. The electrodes are on the inside of the bra, in the lower band and look like two squares of gold thread, so unassuming and hardly felt.

Sensoria Fitness Sports Bra closeup

The bra comes in the sizes of 32-36 A  to D although from the reviews I’ve read, it’s best to buy a larger size as the fit is quite snug.

The heart rate monitor, according to the Sensoria website, is compatible with brands such as Garmin and Polar and I’ve also read that it should be ‘compatible with any electronic/HRM that has 4.5cm distance between the snaps’.

A Bluetooth Smart device is also needed on the receiving end for app compatibility.

Sensoria Fitness Sports Bra back


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