Anaono Lingerie For Mastectomy Survivors

Anaono Lingerie For Mastectomy Survivors

A lady who was diagnosed with breast cancer has launched a new line of lingerie specifically for fellow cancer/mastectomy sufferers.

Dana Donofree told her “world flipped upside down” when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27 in 2010. “It was the day before my 28th birthday, and of course it was completely earth-shattering news,” she said. “I had my bridal shower the next morning with friends and family. It was two months before our wedding.

“I immediately went in for a double mastectomy and got the reconstruction,” Dana added.

Dana’s Life was changed dramatically. She recalls not being able to wear the underwear she owned at the time. Bras with underwire were too painful and difficult to wear as the shape of her reconstructed chest was so different from her natural breasts.

There was also the problem of the apex point, that point in the middle of each cup where your nipples usually sit. For some women, their nipples are removed and can’t be replaced so a ‘normal’ bra will no longer fit properly.  Dana’s doctor suggested she wear a sports bra instead, but for Dana, this was unacceptable.

Dana Donofree, creator of the AnaOno lingerie line for women who have had breast cancer surgery.                                            Photo credit: AnaOno

So Dana decided to design her own bras and launched AnaOno Intimates last year. Her bras have been specifically designed for women who have had mastectomies using softer materials, no underwire and designed for women who may have had a masectomy on one side.

AnoOno bralette.

She donates 10 percent of her profit to breast cancer charities and plans to add plus sizes soon. Dana says her main aim is to help women feel comfortable and beautiful again after a ‘decidedly ugly experience’. Dana even uses breast cancer survivors to model her underwear on the website. She has even named the bras after the women.

She said, “These are all women in the Philadelphia area that I’ve met through support groups and the community, who have been incredibly supportive to me during the launch. So it was great to be able to showcase their journeys.”

AnaOno Sandi Ivory front-closure bra.

photo credit: Anaono

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