Oh oh oh, it’s magic!

Oh oh oh, it’s magic!

The leading lingerie brand Triumph has launched its latest lingerie innovation: the Magic Wire bra.

The launch party took place on 29 August in New York to a host of celebrity guests, clients and press at the newly-opened pop-up shop, House of Triumph.

The bra is made with flexible silicone wire which is integrated into the design of the bra to ensure a firm hold, for sizes from A to a G cup. There is also a built-in mesh stabilizer which gives additional support to the breasts and moves gently right along with the body.

Triumph started the Stand Up for Fit campaign last year in which the brand surveyed 12,000 women spanning seven countries in order to discover their thoughts and issues when choosing the lingerie.

According to the survey, they found one of our most common complaints was about uncomfortable underwire which, after a few washes pokes through the material and digs into the skin, irritating and causing discomfort and also meaning that at times we have to fiddle with it (in public!) to relieve the discomfort, before finally pulling out the wire or the bra altogether.

This discovery led to the development of the Magic Wire bra, which Triumph has been used in its Body Make-Up and Shape Sensation Collection.

Just what we (and our washing machines!) wanted! Prices are reasonable too at £34 for the bra and £15 for the matching briefs. Get them on the Triumph UK website and all good lingerie retailers.

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