Vanilla Blush Builds Confidence!

Vanilla Blush Builds Confidence!

Watch this video – sexy or what? Gorgeous real women wearing sultry lingerie. Look a little closer: what do they all have in common? The answer might surprise you; it’s IBD.

The advert is for a lingerie shop called Vanilla Blush, based in Glasgow and this budding business has just been deservedly shortlisted for the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Owned by Nicola Dames, entrepreneur, ex-neuro-intensive care nurse, the advert was filmed in time for World Ostomy Day on 3rd October. Nicola also suffers from IBD and as a result, had to have her colon removed and forced to have a stoma.

A stoma is where they bring the end of the small intestine to the outside of the abdomen, in order to release waste product, faeces from the body which is collected in an ostomy bag, which sits over the stoma outside of the body.

When Nicola was diagnosed and had to have the operation, she hated the big knickers they gave her in the hospital and she swore she could do much better and bring confidence back to sufferers, both men and women. So Nicola design her own lingerie – and Vanilla Blush bloomed. And didn’t she do well! For the eight models in the advert – both male and female – are all wearing an ostomy bag! Who would’ve known it!

photo credit: Vanilla Blush


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