Cat Undies Put Feline Back Into Fantasies

Cat Undies Put Feline Back Into Fantasies

You’ve gotta love the Japanese, they sure know how to put the purr into panties and the feline into fantasies. A new range of Japanese underwear has been launched, complete with a detachable cat’s tail. Pussy cat undies.

The lingerie line is made by Felissimo, a popular Japanese mail order company which sells everything from furniture to shoes. Flufeel intimate apparel brand makes a whole range cat-inspired lingerie as part of Felissimo’s Neko-bu (Cat Club) line which sells all things cat, from kitty-printed umbrellas to kitty slippers and now, sexy lingerie. This particular four-piece range comes with a detachable cat’s tail and a pair of cat ears in a variety of cat styles – Siamese and tabby being two.

But what’s more surprising is not that the range exists at all – after all Playboy created the Bunny girl in the seventies which became all the rage in bedrooms and boudoirs across the world. We know there are many animal-lovers out there who love to snuggle up to their pussies and it seems that the Japanese love their cats so much, this line sold out right across the country and, as a result, the brand has now created an entire range of cat-inspired sexytime undies- which is also selling out fast.

The brand say it that Nekobu” is a project for creating harmony between cats and human. It says customers are made happy by buying cat products and it donates part of the profits from the range to local NPO which helps to rescue and take care of cats, thereby creating cat/human harmony! Cat-spirational! (sorry, lol)

The collection includes tails, chokers, ribbons and bows and sells for approximately £20 each in a variety of sizes. Check out the Cat Club range, here. 

photo source: Felissimo/ Metro

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