100 Years of Men’s Swimwear!

100 Years of Men’s Swimwear!

Mode.com who brought you the hilarious and really clever 100 Years of Men’s Fashion, has used the same utterly gorgeous model to bring you 100 years of men’s swimwear. And it’s quite an eye opener!

The video takes you through 100 years, starting in 1915, showing you how men dressed fashionably for the beach through each decade.

Starting with the ultra- conservative one-piece, fashion loosened up slightly for the boys after that when the two-piece combo came into fashion in 1935. Poor geezers! Can you believe men wore such constricting clothes to swim and play on the beach? Luckily fashion became more daring in the following decades, shorter in the sixties and seventies with tighter shorts, stylish clip belts and garish patterns. Far out! Finally, the short history ends with today’s tailored, floral swimming shorts, which are actually longer than previous decades! Are we regressing with men’s fashion? Will we ever return to the two-piece? Without wanting to sound sexist, Planetfem hopes not!

We do feel a tad sorry for men as women’s beach fashion seems to be so much more fun and creative that theirs… we’d love to see sarongs and two-pieces for the boys like the girls have to play with – wouldn’t you? How many men do you know that would rock a sarong over their briefs? We certainly know a couple!

So listen up designers, let’s stop leaving the boys out! The beach is all about relaxing – attitudes, personalities and definitely fashion! So let’s get creative with beachwear for the boys!

Watch the video below and we dare you not to smile at the cheekiness!  Decide which is your favourite and let us know too!

photo credit: Viral Viral Videos


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